The Book Class (picture heavy)

I'm slow in blogging this week, but finally have pictures from DJ Pettit's fabric book class.


The book is three signatures, sewn into a cover made from an acrylic painting that is, itself, sewn into a fabric cover.  DJ taught us a delightfullly quick binding method, and I used a series of mismatched vintage buttons to hold my signatures in place.


I worked in reverse order, completing the last two signatures in class and working on the first one this week before sewing it in place.  I conceptualized them as chapters.  Each signature is thematically distinct but all are unified by the use of vintage fabrics and text as wraps around the blank pages in each signature that I can use for journaling.

The first signature was created around some text from a Dick and Jane book.  It starts off with these sweet little buttons.


The next page is some of my hand-dyed fabric, with a strip cut off from the bottom of the cover painting (it has a wonderful, leathery textured, created by using matte gel medium over a canvas/muslin base).


When you turn the page, you find the first line of text from the book, which appropriately reads…

See who is in

The next page uses some vintage patchwork. 


This page is inserted inside of the others, in the middle of this signature.


And then the final bit of text from Dick and Jane.


The beginning of the second signature is a collage, using a soft piece of hand-dyed silk satin as a tie for the signature.



The nested eggs are part of an assemblage I created, then photographed and printed out as a cotton fabric.  The pages open into successive layers behind the nest.

Behind the egg

Bees never lie

The final signature is a collage around a little soldered charm that I made when I was first learning to solder.  I love the charm, but the soldering is, at best, pathetic, making it horrible jewelry but perfect for a book.



This is the flip side of the charm.


DJ is a wonderful teacher, but still, even knowing that in advance, I was amazed to take away not only new techniques, but a really wonderful book, from the class.  I still have lots of embellishing and finishing to do before it's ready to use as a journal.    Hermione is ready to start journaling in it right now, though.


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12 thoughts on “The Book Class (picture heavy)

  1. Joyce, your book is lovely. I am still working on mine. Like you, I can’t stop working on it. Thanks for sharing your finished book.

  2. Your book is absolutely beautiful. I love your ideas of what to do with the signatures. I’m currently away from home and am longing to work on my book. I hope it turns out as well as yours.

  3. Joyce! I love your book! It is breathtakingly beautiful!! I’ve been working on mine also…it’s one of those projects that you could work on forever, I do believe. I did 5 signatures and have a very FAT book! I have no idea what I will eventually do with it…but something will come to me later. I love yours! Great job!!
    hugs, Andi

  4. Your book is absolutely fantastic. Taking the class with DJ must have been a fabulous experience. I’m sure we’ll be seeing the results of what you learned in the future (that is if your day job doesn’t get in the way.)

  5. Hi Joyce! I didn’t know how else to get ahold of you. The Altered Workshop Yahoo Group is no longer on my Groups list. Did someone close the group? If not, how do I get back in?
    Terrie Lightfoot

  6. Joyce! Aha! Now I remember how I ended up with a picture of some bee fabric on my camera! It’s from your book. Lets talk about the next event down here in Fairhope. Make sure you come by the office if you come to the Gulf coast!

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