One Down


I've finished the first of the unfinished shrugs.  This is Ellie's Miho Shrug.  I finished it while I was waiting for her ballet class to end and surprised her with it on the way out.


It's knit from wonderful soft Manos Silk/Merino yarn.  We're both delighted with it.

The pattern has fabulous little details like an exposed seam at the top,


and this clever little roll at the back.


Despite my anxiety, it was ridiculously quick and easy to finish.  Although the yarn came in the mail today for my newest object of knit-lust (Kate Gilbert's Sweet Pea Jacket)I'm going to do the finishing on my shrug — same yarn, but a different pattern, before I dive in.

6 thoughts on “One Down

  1. love that shurg. i’m tempted to make it for the girls. how many skeins (or i guess yards) did it take. i have lots of one skeins of fabulous yarns all over the freakin house.

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