A Little Holiday Crafting


Ellie has an absolute requirement that the cornucopia comes out the day after Halloween.  There was a year, back when she was in first grade, where it failed to make an appearance.  The result was unfortunate, involving a long series of entries in her school journal that convulsed both her teacher and me in laughter when we read them together.  Since then, I make sure the cornucopia comes out in a timely fashion.

But, this first dash of the holidays always makes me think about gifts, which in many cases means making gifts.  I don't want to reveal too much, but thought I would share pictures of a couple of early gifts in progress.  First, some roving in one of my favorite colorways, Copper Patina.  This is Blue Faced Leicester roving, which is very finicky too dye — requiring a very slow temperature rise and then sustained, consistent heat before cooling overnight in order to avoid felting.


This roving always turns out so soft and so beautiful that I forgive it for all the extra attention it requires.

I'm also dyeing up a skein of Blue Faced Leicester aran weight yarn, here it is in the first of two baths it will go through, as a present for a special friend.


I feel good about having started.  I still have time to make a few special presents and get in some early shopping before we hit the serious baking season sometime around Thanksgiving.  I've also started in on my holiday knitting project, The Sweet Pea Sweater, which I'm knitting for myself.  I did the border on the back of the sweater over coffee this morning.  The yarn is luscious and bulky, and although I'm not a quick knitter by any means, I hope to have some time to work on this and perhaps be wearing it for the holidays.



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