The Great Chipmunk Adventure

The Judge and I got home from a weekend away, ready for a day of soccer and settling back in.  Instead, we got this.

Yes, that was a brief glimpse of a chipmunk that Harry, the always perky Maine Coon Cat, brought inside to express his displeasure over our absence.  Unfortunately, the chippy didn't have the good sense to scurry out the open door.  Instead, it hid behind some shelving and ran around in the room.

and then ACK!!! (well, you saw the end of that one)

The chipmunk spent a good bit of time hiding in various places, including the incredible discovery of a chipmunk-sized space beneath a stack of cds.

Bob failed to seize the moment, but fortunately (and yet another reason I love my iphone), I stopped helping him chase the chippy and started shooting video, much to his disgust.

Finally, we cleverly convinced the chipmunk to climb into our cornucopia, which had been hastily liberated from its dining room table display.  We all ran out front with it (hence the Blair Witch Project like quality of this video), and got the chippy to jump out.  Immediately, one of Harry's co-conspirators, Dragon, seized the poor little thing in her jaws and tried to run off with it.  

Success!  We were able to liberate the chippy and our last glimpse was of it scampering up a tree.  I feel sure it will have better sense than to come anywhere near our house, ever again!

5 thoughts on “The Great Chipmunk Adventure

  1. OMG! I would have been freaking out. A couple of years ago we got a bat in the house Tommy had left his bedroom window open with no screen in it. Anyway it was the one and only time I gave my husband permission to shoot a gun in the house(bb gun)

  2. Oh my gosh, Joyce…I am rolling in the floor! Something close to that happened to us, though our cat brought us a lizard instead of a chipmunk. I think we had a better deal, there, LOL…

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