Eroded Bundles

Today the Erosion Bundles came down!  They've been tied to a fence in the lower part of our backyard since New Years Day.

Frankly, they didn't erode as much as I would have thought.  Still, there is some fine potential for art here.

The "Art" bundle was inside of a hinged wooden box, and the colors on papers inside of it smooshed around nicely.

 Erroded art

One of the biggest surprises of the eroded "Canvas" bundle came when I turned the base canvas over and saw how nicely the frame itself had aged.  I can't wait to use this to house an assemblage piece.



The "Phoenix" bundle gave up a lot of good collage material — fabric and paper aged between the pages of a journal.


Although there will be lots to choose from in this bundle, my favorite was the subtle aging on a fragment of one of my favorite European papers.


The next step in this project is a collaborative project among all of the artists who let their materials erode through the winter months.  I'm looking forward to getting to work on it.

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One thought on “Eroded Bundles

  1. mmmmmmmmmm yummy erosion! Love the gentle effects you got!
    My fav is the European paper too! Can’t wait to see what create with this stuff 🙂

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