Faraway, So Close — And I Get Far Away and then Closer to Finishing

I'm still knitting on Faraway so Close.


I love this pattern.  It's fun.  Unfortunately, I'm at a stage where it's just about impossible to get a good picture, and what I'm wanting to show you is the drop stitch portion, which is just off the needles, so impossible to get. (It is however, a good chance to show my Mom my new kitchen counters.  Granite — after 23 married years of profoundly crappy formica that was bad when we inherited it from the previous owners).

Maybe you can get a little bit of an idea here.


I would be much further along, had I not engaged in a stupid pattern reading error, which led me to knit 8 repeats of the stockinette pattern, before realizing it was only 1 repeat, this over something like 129 stitches.  I guess it could have been worse.  I tinked out of fear that frogging would get into the drop stitch sections and I would be very sad.

Far Away and then Close.  I know Carina is far too good of a knitter to have had this issue when she wrote the pattern, but it surely is appropriate for my personal knitting style.

I'm doing some destashing — the Judge assures me this is an absolute necessity because the painters will not be willing to work around large piles of art and knitting books on the floor and many baskets of yarn.  If you want to help me out, there's a link in the top right hand corner of the blog to what I've got.  Right now it's mostly books.  I'll add some *sigh* yarn and fabric today.

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