Raising A New Generation Of Knitters

How nice!

We are on a long family drive. I’ve been knitting in the front while the Judge drives-swatching for an afghan.

I turned around to check on the unusually quiet kids, and there was Miss Ellie, intently knitting away. It’s good to be raising another generation of knitters, particularly this charmingly precocious fiber snob, who had the good sense to pick up some Tilli Thomas sequined silk for her endeavor.

Raising A New Generation Of Knitters

7 thoughts on “Raising A New Generation Of Knitters

  1. Go Ellie! Can’t wait to see her finished piece! And how fun for you as you watch her bloom with creativity in a medium so dear to your heart! And gosh, does she look like you!

  2. This really warms my heart. She has fantastic taste, too. What fun is knitting if you don’t love the fiber you’re working with?

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