The Start of a Quilt

The Barn Raising Quilt has been my airplane knitting for some time now, and I highly recommend it for that purpose.  It's compact and easily portable, although having one's knitting dangling off of four or five needles does tend to raise eyebrows.


Finishing the most recent square made me decide it was time to pull out all of the squares to date, to see how we were doing.  It's been slow going — limiting it this way.  It's tempting to set aside a few weekends and knit away.  But I'm rather enjoying the pace at which it's emerging.


So it's going to continue to be a slow knit.  This is just eight of the 42 square that are planned.

If you are knitting this pattern too, it's interesting to note just how much these squares grow when blocked.  The square in the bottom left corner is the only one I've blocked so far, and it has at least a couple of inches on the others.  This gives me hope that a quilt that is six squares across and seven squares down will be sufficiently large.

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