Bad Knitting Mistake = Buy New Yarn

I am not sharing my knitting with you this week.  Not.  Stupid mistake.  Really stupid.  I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that if you mistakenly add in an extra set of increases where they aren't supposed to be while knitting in the round, catch it about 20 increase rows down the road, drop the stitches back down to where you made the mistake and fix it, you will end up with a bunch of really lose stitches and a lot of extra yarn.  I've tried easing and stretching and I'm sad.  And this is an annoyingly difficult pattern to rip back.  And I have no other knitting along on this trip.  Sad.

But never fear.  After feeling distinctly annoyed at myself, I remembered I was only 10 minutes away from one of my favorite yarn stores, Connecticut Yarn and Wool Company, in East Haddam.  I'm really not supposed to be buying yarn — my yarn is all so nice and neat after I organized and destashed.  But this was desperate times….so I indulged.



is Plymouth Royal Llama Silk.  I've used it before, for Ellie's Victorian Gauntlets.  Its really nice stuff — 60% Llama and 40% Silk.  I thought it might make a nice scarf, with little accents in the leftover yarn from the Gauntlets.

And this.


The store is nearby Farmhouse Yarns and carries a lot of their beautiful yarns, many of which I have succumbed to over the years of visiting this area.  This is a 100% bamboo yarn in a soft varigated turquoise blue.  It's scrumptious.  I actually wanted the yarn in every colorway Bonnie had dyed it in, but decided I would get just this one.  I'm off to surf Ravelry and see what others have knit with this yarn.  It is absolutely beautiful!



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