New Years Day Round Up


Happy New Year!

New Years Day wouldn't be complete without a little bit of bubbly — the Judge likes to make Mimosas.  I thought I would share a few of our holiday traditions today.  Most of ours involve food.  Please share some of your family's traditions in the comments!


It wouldn't be New Years without a little bit of knitting time.  I set aside my Far Away So Close shawl to work on Christmas presents several months ago.  I picked it back up today.  It's warm and soft and oh so very comforting to knit on a rainy day.


One of our favorite holiday traditions, new in the last several years, is this delicious Kringle cake from a bakery in Racine, Wisconsin.  Our neighborhood grocery store is owned by a guy who relocated from Wisconsin to Birmingham about a decade ago.  He brought this delicious coffee cake along with him, and every year they have a stack in the bakery every morning during the holidays.  You have to be early to snag one!


We are delighted to have farm fresh eggs from our friend Joyce Darby's farm.  They are delicious with one of the kids' favorites — the rest of the Honey Baked Ham they had for dinner last night.


We'll have the traditional southern supper.  Collard greens, cooked with a ham hock.


Black-eyed peas go along with the collards.  Instead of eating them solo, this year I'm mixing them into an Osso Bucco.  Hopefully this will increase the chance the kids will eat them.  This meal is definitely not a favorite of theirs, but eating this traditional meal insures good health and financial success in the new year, so it can't be skipped.

However you celebrate, here's wishing you the happiest of new years.  Welcome 2011!


5 thoughts on “New Years Day Round Up

  1. I enjoyed your photos and traditions! Love your new granite – I never did see complete “after” photos. BTW, have you ever washed tons of greens in your clothes washer? I’ve heard this recommended but haven’t tried it. I hate washing greens – takes forever!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year!

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