Knitting with Silk Hankies. Who Wants to Try It?

Silk hankies anyone?



I've had so many conversations with people about knitting with silk hankies since my original post on the topic, which piggy-backed on Stephanie McPhee's project, that I decided to share some of my hand-dyed hankies with a lucky reader.  Post in the comments below (make sure I have an email address so I can contact you if you win) and I'll pick a winner next Friday night. 

To get everyone started, here's a YouTube video that's very helpful.  It has very cute cats as an added plus.


36 thoughts on “Knitting with Silk Hankies. Who Wants to Try It?

  1. would be totally fun to try:)
    You are always so awesome doing little give-a-ways here and there!
    thank you!

  2. How did you know that I have been roaming the net looking at silk hankies, desperate to try this? Combined that with your dye and MAGIC might be happening in this giveaway! Thank you Joyce!

  3. I was able to buy .8oz x2, Silk Hankies, at the Madrona Fiber Fest in Tacoma Washington this past weekend. I’ve read almost every blog I can find on them, but before I start, I’m not sure just what I can knit or should knit, not sure the yardage, just not sure. I don’t want to waist them. Any suggestions?

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