Another Reason Knitting Is Good For Your Soul

Knitting is good for your soul.  Anyone who knits can tell you that.

And here is yet more proof for that proposition.


This lovely yarn is being sent to some wonderful knitters who sent money, generous amounts of money, to the Red Cross to support tornado recovery.  To thank them for their thoughtfulness, they are receiving some of the newest Elliebelly colorways.  Starting at the left side with the paintbrush colorway and moving clockwise, they  include Good Day, Gulf Shores, P. Campbell, Kaleidoscope (not new, but oh so much fun for me to dye again!), Grapevine, and Steampunk.

Knitters always seem to be involved in helping others, and it's particularly gratifying to see this small amount of yarn turn into help for people who are trying to restart their lives.  Thank you knitters!

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