Indecision: What Am I Going to Knit For The Knit Along?

A few of you smart, organized knitters have already decided what you are going to be knitting for the knit along.  [Quick catch up: The first ever Elliebelly Knit Along starts Saturday, August 13.  Knit the pattern of your choice using any Elliebelly yarn.  Have lots of fun.  Knit with fabulous knitters.  More details here.]

I'm not that far along. But, after obsessing over lots of different yarn in my stash in my last post, I've spent some time on Ravelry looking at potential patterns.  Here are the ones I'm giving strongest consideration to, in no particular order.


First up are Rachel Calado's Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets.  (Her Blog is very cool too).  The pattern is written for an aran weight Silk/Merino blend.  I'm thinking this might be just the pattern for my orphan skein of Copper Patina Silk/Merino, if I can figure out the yardage.

image from

Jane Richmond is a very talented designer I keep bumping into on Raverly.  I love her Aesderina Hat pattern.  It's simple and beautiful and I want one for myself very much.


The pattern is written for an aran weight wool, but again, I'm thinking that lovely blend of Silk and Merino might feel nice on top of my head.  I've also got some Foxfire yarn from Springdelle Farms I dyed earlier this year and swatched, but haven't knit up yet, that would be a perfect weight, although I wonder if I would lose the horizontal rib pattern with all of the colors in this yarn.

image from

I've been eyeing Hanna Breetz's Storm Cloud Shawlette for quite some time now.

image from

Doesn't it look like something you would wear every day?  It's knit in a fingering weight yarn and I am thinking this:

image from

Or maybe this little wisp of Silk and Cashmere.

image from

I first bumped into Heidi Kirrmaier's Buttercup on a blog about Anthropologie inspired knits.


I adore this pattern.

Melanie (BlueCat on Ravelry), made this wonderful sweater for her son using an Ann Bud Sweater Book pattern.


I still owe Ollie a new sweater for this year, and this would be a nice pattern for my rugged backyard explorer in this warm Alpaca blend yarn.

image from

Ollie has confided in me that he is rather partial to the bulky Crayon yarn in my stash, however.  So despite its purple tones, I'm thinking about using it for a variation of this sweater (I love Ann's book which is easily customizable for your yarn).

image from

I'm also eyeing Ragman by my Local Yarn Store owner, Donna of In The Making, which might be better in this bulkier yarn.  I've enjoyed every pattern of Donna's I've ever knit, and this one has been on my list for a while.


This is probably the pattern I'd most like to knit, although I do have some really nice farm yarn I've been saving for this pattern, so I'm not 100% yet.

I've still not come across just the right pattern for the Sea Three.

image from

But I am itching to knit with it!  I love the 198 Yards of Heaven pattern, but am not sure I want to knit such a delicate lace pattern in a varigated yarn, so I may try to swatch a bit of it in pattern to see how it does.

Indecision, Indecision, Indecision.  I'd like to knit them all, but by Saturday morning, I plan on having just one picked out and ready to cast on.  I hope you will join me!



4 thoughts on “Indecision: What Am I Going to Knit For The Knit Along?

  1. I love the hat too. Super cute! I also like the cardigan pattern for Ollie. Maybe you could use the crayon and stripe it with a boyish solid to downplay the purple and make it more masculine. Although, I don’t think that there is enough purple in there to necessarily make it unmasculine. Either way, love it!

  2. i love the stripe idea! thanks. we aren’t particularly put off by “non male” colors, but i wonder if he’s getting to the age where his friends might tease?

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