What to Knit Next?

I've been knitting a lot of small projects lately.  I have another small, but challenging project in mind as my Olympic knitting project.  After that, I want to finish up a few works in progress and then move on to a larger project.

After lots of looking and oohing and ahhing over patterns, I settled on this sweater.


This is Pam Allen's Sophie Sweater, and I've purchased some Quince Osprey yarn in a pale, pale petal pink to use.  I can't wait for the yarn to arrive in the mail!  Although I won't be starting this one until late this month, I'm looking forward to it already.

2 thoughts on “What to Knit Next?

  1. Not only is this one for me, because Im petite and very short between the shoulders and the waist, Im going to attempt significant modifications to give myself a good fit. This should be an interesting knit. I hope my children will not be learning any new language that might not be age appropriate, but I suspect this one will be a challenge!

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