A Sad Day For Sweaters

This really isn't my day for sweater knitting.  I've been trying to fight this conclusion over the weekend, but yesterday, I finally conceded the obvious to myself.  Despite a good gauge swatch, my Flyaway Hoodie is way too small.  In fact, now that I have a back-sized swatch, I measure and learned that it is only 4/5th the size it should be — making it too small for my daughter as well.


The cables are very lovely, aren't they?  I've enjoyed knitting it so much!  I've been vigilant about switching skeins every other row to ensure there is no deliniation between the hand-dyed skeins.  I've meticulously ensured my cables cross the correct direction — each and every time.  I'm in love.  Now I'm going to frog it.


My poor teensy sweater that was never meant to be.


3 thoughts on “A Sad Day For Sweaters

  1. You don’t think it will grow a smidge with blocking? Gosh…just a shame to rip all those beautiful cables. So frustrating when your gauge swatch was on. Boo!

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