Two Knits in Need of Blocking

I finished two long-running knits this week, and although they aren't blocked yet, I couldn't wait to share them.


First up is my Lida linen shawl, which is going to be insanely beautiful once it is blocked out.  This took me forever, but between carefully blocking out the pattern (which was a bit confusing) and using stitch markers to keep the repeats marked off, it got easier and easier and was a truly enjoyable knit.


I've also finished the Antler sweater, which needs buttons sewn on after a good blocking.  I have some sweet little wood buttons and can't wait for this to be complete.

The sweater will be easy enough to block because it's small, but the shawl is so large that it won't fit on even my large folding blocking board.  I'm going to scavenge some of those foam pieces the kids use and see if I can use them to extend it enough, because Lida is going to require some serious blocking. 

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