Finally Finished: Antler Baby Sweater


   Finally, I've put the finishing touches on antler. Truth be told, this sweater sat on my desk waiting for buttons to be sewn on for as long as it took to knit the entire sweater. And, I procrastinated over the button bands for a long time too.

    This sweater is a lasting homage to the canon of knitting that says you will kick yourself after-the-fact if you fail to promptly add the finishing touches. This is a beautiful sweater and I could not be happier with it. From the camel yarn that I dyed, to the pretty cables, to the overall look and fit of the sweater, it's now baby-ready.  But the baby?  Oh, the baby.  Not this sweater.  Not seven months later.  So learn from me, knitting friends, and do not delay when knitting for babies.  Although another baby will come along to wear this sweater, I'm sad that it will never grace the baby it was intended for.

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