Knitting in Progress: Cables and Lace Capelet


    My Cables and Lace Capelet, in Madeline Tosh's ASAP yarn, is coming along.  The construction is unusual. The strip I'm knitting, in the photo, will be the bottom edge of the Capelet when it's finished.  If you look carefully, you will see the contrast yarn used for the provisional cast on at the bottom edge.  When the strip measures about 50", I'll graft the live stitches on the needles to the live stitches in the provisional cast on, and then pick up stitches along the top to knit up into the body ofthe capelet.  It's such a clever construction and because the yarn is bulky it goes quickly.

    This was one of those patterns I had to knit the minute I saw it. And I'm enjoying the cables, which are interesting enough to hold attention but easy enough to knit through football or tv viewing.  I hope to make progress on the band this week so I can get to the body next weekend.

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