A Perfect Knitter Day

For a brief moment in time yesterday (about 45 minutes) I was as close to knitter nirvana as I can get.

Knit nirvana

I managed my weekend work to squeeze a bit of time out of the office, sent one child to ballet and the other off to play soccer, and urged Mr. Knitter off to the grocery store (thankfully, dogs, cats and older children were cooperative as well) and I engaged in blissful knitting while getting a pedicure.  Not just any pedicure, but the most fabulous pumpkin pedicure of all time.  I am told it exfoliated my feet and made my skin baby-bottom soft.  Personally, I was just happy to get the uninterrupted knitting time!

It paid off too.  The rickety fisherman's rib on my Olivia is almost at the seven inch mark (that's one and two-thirds skeins of Plucky Primo Aran to get there).  Olivia and I got off to a rough start.  I didn't know how to knit this quirky rib and had a hard time getting directions that explained "knit into the stitch below."  And I may have misread some directions regarding the last stitch on wrong side rows.  But none of that matters.  We are good friends now and I am embracing my early mistakes as learning scars.  Olivia is beautiful and I am in love with her.  

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