Knitting Disaster Averted

My disasterous Cables and Lace Capelet is fixed.


Just like that!  I ripped off the oversized collar and reknit it on smaller needles and made it shorter. Suddenly, I have a beautiful capelet that makes me think of something Claire should be wearing on the Outlander TV show.


The combination of cables and lace is simply beautiful.  Norah Gaughan is a genius pattern writer.  The capelet was wonderfully fun to knit and fast too, even with my problem-solving exercise at the end.

The side and back views are as beautiful as the front.




This pattern is fantastic.  I can't wait to knit one of Norah's sweaters, most likely Ropewalk, although every pattern she writes is gorgeous.

At the end of the day, Problem solved.  I hope this experience will encourage others to be fearless about ripping and recreating.  I tend to be rather nervous about doing this type of thing but it was powerful to rip back an entire ball of yarn and lunge straight on in to make it better.  One of my favorite things about knitting is that it encourages us to be our best selves and reminds us we don't have to settle for something we aren't happy with.  For 2015, I resolve to be more fearless in my knitting!

4 thoughts on “Knitting Disaster Averted

  1. That is gorgeous! I was almost at the end of this beautiful scarf/wrap when I ran out of yarn. Yikes! It’s been sitting in a basket for months. I know I can just rip out a couple of rows and finish it on that row, but I’ve been so afraid to do it. Maybe I’ll try now.

  2. You can definitely do it!  Or, you can find some kind person on Ravelry to send you another ball of yarn!
    I am looking forward to our girls trip, even though it seems like a long way off!

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