Olivia At Last


I'm done with Olivia!  Despite some last minute, late night concerns about finishing the short rows and some early struggles with fisherman's rib, I'm finished and really very please with the result.


I like the color.  In case you've forgotten, since it's taken me months to do the knitting, this is the Plucky Knitter's Holloway colorway on her Primo Aran yarn.  Lovely.


Let's be candid.  Because we are all friends here.

There are mistakes in my Olivia.  Mistakes I did not fix.  I struggled to fix mistakes in the rib, so I finally decided that the two places with mistakes needed to stay.  And I needed to embrace them because, well, Olivia is not perfect and neither am I.  Good reminder of my limitations.


I love her despite, or perhaps even because of, her mistakes.  She's so warm and scrunchy, even though the yarn grew and softened with a good wet blocking.  I'm hoping my model will give her back to me at some point.  It's been hours, but she still shows no signs of returning Olivia to me.


I've got almost three-fourths of the last skein left, so I've cast on a hat to match.  I love the host of cables. Hopefully with a three day weekend, there will be some time to knit this up.

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