Aster and Zissou the Life Aquatic

I'm shamelessly ignoring Vodka Lemonade, she of the miles of stockinette (and I haven't even reached the sleeves) to get started on Aster and knit up the Zissou hat.

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Zissou is fast!  Just a couple more inches and I'll be ready to decrease.  Although it wasn't the perfect cast on for this odd 3 knits and 2 purls rib, I got a reasonably good result out of a modified alternating cable cast on, and it's a lot of fun to do.  Good directions for alternating rib here and for modifying it for ribs other than 1×1 here.


Aster was a problem for me to swatch.  I've gone down several needles size and will have to switch sizes for garter and stockinette to get the fabric I like.  Here's to hoping my math-fu is faithful enough to account for my wonky gauge.  The intended recipient certainly seems happy with it!

I'm excited about these two new projects.

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