Frostline, Finished!


I'm pleased with Frostline.  It was worth all of the miles of stockinette to get here.  And, the lace border, which looked indescribably poor when I finished knitting, sprang right into shape with a gentle block.


It is one of my most colorful knits ever and I adore it.  I'm going to find way to wear it, even during summer!

3 thoughts on “Frostline, Finished!

  1. when you finished the lace border, did you have exactly 18 stitches left for the last repeat? i have 13. i’m not sure if i should rip back or leave as is.

  2. Can you tell me how you did the border? I’m not seeing how it attaches in the pattern. Just to CO on 4 stitches? Where, how?? LOL. Thanks!

  3. Its been so long since I did it that I cant recall the stitch count, but I will try to go back and figure it out.  Interestingly, I had no problems with the border that I can recall, although I had never done one that was knitted on before.  I followed the directions literally and it work.  It perhaps helped that Im a recent convert to the cable cast on, so I liked that for getting started.
    One thing I will say is that I remember reading the directions before I got to the border and I couldnt understand how it was going to work.  But, once I got there, it made total sense.  I sat outside and it went so quickly that it was literally done in a couple of hours, although I had thought it was going to take a lot of time.  Like I say, it has been awhile, so its possible that it was more time than I recall, but I remember being surprised by how easily it work out, although it didnt look good at all until it was blocked.

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