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This gorgeous piece of cashmere is the Heritage Trail hat I showed you at its start a few days back.  It's a lovely pattern and since I enjoy cables and seed stitch, it's my kind of knit.

This photo was taken while I was flying home from the Plucky Shindig.  I was tired.  Really tired in the way your mind is exhausted from the late night, knitting in the hotel lobby in your pajamas while eating See's Candy, scene.  I shouldn't have been knitting something that required cabling and increasing on different rows. 

Look closely at the third in cable block from the right. I missed a cross.  It wouldn't have been much of an issue had I noticed it at the time, but I'm now several inches and five or six cable crosses further along.  I'm going to attempt surgery tonight.  Although I love this yarn, it is very slippery and wouldn't be my first choice for this dicey little operation.  Stay tuned and keep me in your knitting prayers!


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