Tubular Cast On: I’m Pretty Sure I’ve Got That!

While the back of my Arlo Sweater was blocking, I decided to get on with it.  I cast on for two sleeves and both the left front and the left back.  Doing the tubular cast on four times, in rapid succession, made me feel like something of a savant.  In addition to appreciating the thick, squishy edge, it's fun to knit.  Michele's directions are so good that it's worth grabbing one of her patterns just to have them. 

Now I'm ready to knit!  I've got the two sleeves on one needle (lots of people seem to do this succesfully, so why do I sense disaster in the making?)  The right front is cast on with red waste yarn and the left front is with the blue.  I thought this might help me keep them straight down the road.



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