Big Cabled Afghan – The Pattern

I wrote and knit this pattern in 2010, intending it to be the first of a series of simple, beautiful projects that would work well in Elliebelly Yarns, which I was dyeing at the time.  The original project page is here.  Life + Career took a radically different turn a few months later, and as most of you know, I stopped dyeing Elliebelly to pursue a public service opportunity.  And, I never wrote up the Big Cabled Afghan pattern.  I had good intentions, but because the yarn it was written for was no longer in production, it didn't make any sense.

Fast forward to last year when the Plucky Knitter release her Snug Bulky yarn, and I realized that in addition to finding the yarn of my dreams, the perfect yarn for the  Big Cabled Afghan was in front of me.  It hasn't been a fast or nearly as efficient process as I had hoped, but my sweet friend Helen, an outstanding knitter, took on the challenge of knitting the pattern in Snug and we have a pattern ready to be released into the wild.  I hope others will knit it and share their comments with me so that I can continue to enhance the pattern and provide additional advice on sizes and other details.  It's a simple, basic cabled pattern, easy enough for an adventurous beginner but the cables will keep the interest of a more advanced knitter.

I have plans to do a neutral version for our screen porch.

Here is the original version compared to Helen's lovely version, knit in Plucky Pup Tent.

Big cabled collage

I hope you'll dive right in — I can't wait to see different versions of it knit up.  You can access the pattern on Ravelry or download it here.  Please let me know if you have any corrections, ideas, or pictures to add.  Happy Knitting!

Corrected Link to Download the Pattern



6 thoughts on “Big Cabled Afghan – The Pattern

  1. Hi Ellie – thank you for the pattern 🙂 There doesn’t appear to be a download available on Ravelry, but it looks from your link as if there should be. Has something gone adrift somewhere?

  2. Shelagh-Im so sorry you had trouble with the link.  I had a first time user hiccup, but I think the download link is working find now and Ill email you the pattern directly.  If anyone else has issues accessing the pattern, please leave me a message here with your email address or a private message on Ravelry, where my name is Elliebelly.  Thanks again for all of the interest in my little pattern!

  3. Hi! I just started knitting this and I’m a bit confused – 124 is not a multiple of 16+12, so is the cast on wrong? Nearing the end of row 8, I have 10 stitches left instead of the final knit 8, so should the cast on actually be 140? I’m a fairly new knitter so forgive me if I’m just misunderstanding! Thanks!

  4. Monica, heres a Quick answer as I walk out the door. If this doesnt help let me know and we will work it out. You start off with 124 stitches. Subtract the 12 stitches that form the edge on either side. The remaining number of stitches are devise a pool by 16 which is the cable pattern repeat in each section. Does that help?
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