Buttonhole Success

It has been gorgeous this week.  I was fortunate enough to spend some time, knitting with my Mom in the comfy chairs on her screen porch.

Last try


That got me up to the point where Arlo calls for the insertion of one-row buttonholes.  I was not impressed with this approach the first time through.  They looked sloppy and the ribbing patterning was off afterwards.  On reviewing the pattern, I learned that this was because I had failed to read the directions properly.  Seriously — when there are three steps to doing the buttonholes and you only do the first one, they aren't going to look good.  I really liked them this time around, both the process of making them and the result.


I can't wait to finish up so I can add on the cute little leather buttons I purchased for this sweater awhile back.  They fit perfectly in the buttonholes and I think they will be just the right finishing touch.



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