Knitting in 2015

Here is a recap of my knitting year in pictures. I was fortunate enough to get in a lot of knitting in 2015 — on planes, during meetings at the kids' schools, while watching movies, in car pool lines, and any other time I could grab a free moment.  Here are the projects I finished in 2015 in two collages, the first showing projects knit in my yarn obsession for this year — yarn from the Plucky Knitter — and the second showing projects in other yarns.

elliebelly plucky knitting projects for 2015That would be, from left to right, Row 1: Cold Snap, The Conversationalist Hat, Forest Park, and Paddle.  Row 2: Frostline, Heritage Trail, Marled Hat, and Olivia.  Row 3: Moto Vest (modified into a cowl), Sugar Loaf, Vodka Lemonade, and Tipperary. Row 4: Zissou, Nevermind, and Arlo.

15 not pluckyAgain from Left to Right, Peerie Flooers, Barn Raising Quilt, Bulky Mittens, Lace and Cables Capelet, Antarktis, Sweet and Simple Cushion, and Skelter. Lots of the Barn Raising Quilt squares, as well as Antarktis and Skelter, are knit in Elliebelly yarns.

What does 2016 have in store?  I've got three projects in the works, as well as a fourth that I'm swatching for.  I'd like to finish them, along with a few new projects I have in mind, in the next few months.

In the worksDrachenfels, in the top left corner has been my slow moving, conversational knitting project for as long as it has been in the works, but it may be time to finish it off so I can wear it to ward off January's chills.  The Glacier sweater, top right, keeps taking a backseat to other projects.  There is also a little debacle with sleeves that are huge and need to be ripped out and started over.  But I'm looking forward to finishing it off!  The bottom right corner is my Summer Moon, which went into a forced hibernation when an IOS upgrade blacked out all of my charts in Knit Companion.  They've been fixed now and I'm going to make this my airplane knitting in January, despite the risk involved in juggling all of those balls of yarn on a plane.  And on the left is my Shaelyn shawl, which needs a bit more swatching so I can make sure I've selected the right size of needles.  If I can tear myself away from Drachenfels, I'm going to try and swatch for it tonight.

And after these four?  Oh I would say I've got hundreds a few projects in mind for the new year.  Need some inspiration?  My Ravelry queue is here.

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