Dyeing, Again

The day of linen dyeing that I showed you here resulted in these finished skeins.


That's Elliebelly Chemise, a silk/linen blend in the new Castle Stone colorway. I'm looking forward to experimenting with different grays this year to try and find my favorites. This one is surely a contender, at least on this base. It's interesting to note that different fibers or yarn bases take dye very differently. With this being an unusual blend of fibers for a knitting yarn, I'll be interested to see what this colorway does on other fibers.

Of course, once I had gone to the trouble of setting up dyepots, it was hard to put them away without doing a little bit more, so despite the frigid cold, I spent some time mixing colors. This skein is dyed using the paintbrush method I developed years ago, but haven't had a chance to do a lot of lately. It's one of my favorite ways to dye for variegated color.


Once I got started, it became a bit hard to stop, so I did several vats of kettle-dyed yarn. That's a bit of the Crayon colorway you see drying–I've earmarked some for giveaways ahead of the Elliebelly Adventurous April 2016 KAL, which I hope you will join us for.  The indoor-at night photos never do much justice, but late night knitting and dyeing seems to be my MO, so we'll have to make do until the yarn is properly dry and photographed.  I wanted to give you a sneak peek!



8 thoughts on “Dyeing, Again

  1. Oh.my.goodness. SO beautiful! All of it. I am going to try to jump in for the April knit along if we can figure out where we are going to be (we are in major transition right now and 95% of my knitting stuff is in storage), but even if I can’t join in I will definitely peek in and watch your blog posts to see what becomes of all your beautiful yarn 🙂 Great job, as always, Joyce!

  2. Thank you Siobhan! Youre definitely going to need some Adventurous April fun if youve got lots of change going on. I can send you a strategic package with yarn and needles if necessary-I have a mess of size 2 DPNs from the years of knitting Ellies Barn Raising Quilt. let me know if you need a care package with yarn and needles!
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  3. I have had fun group dyeing, these holidays I was planning on doing some indigo dyeing with the neighbour and kids…not so much yarn as fabric but it is always interesting to see what other people come out with from the dye pot!

  4. I may take you up on that, Joyce. Have you guys decided on socks for the KAL? Any specific pattern? It’s been a long time since I’ve done socks. In fact, I’ve only attempted them twice and both ended up being a single sock, left sadly orphaned forever…lol. Maybe I need the help of a KAL to actually make a whole pair…LOL!!!!

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