Knitter’s Obsession: Patterns Written By Melissa Schaschwary

Has this ever happened to you?  You look around for what to knit next, and suddenly, one designer pops out at you.  You may have knit a design or two of theirs before, but suddenly, every single pattern they've ever written is calling your name.

That happened to me this morning with Melissa Schaschwary of Dandelion Girl Designs.  I've knit her Nevermind hat.  In fact, I liked the pattern so much, I knit it again after finishing the first one. [The Plucky Knitter's Bulky Snug is THE BEST yarn for this hat, in case you're looking for a recommendation.]  I think I'm going to be spending the months of February and March with her at this rate.  I've managed to get it down to the following patterns and am narrowly resisting the urge to cast on all the things.

1-Timber Bay Hat.  I've got a skein of the Plucky Knitter's Scholar that is just crying out to be knit into this hat.  It looks cozy.  And possibly like it wouldn't even leave you with hat head.

image from© Melissa Schaschwary

2. Puddle Duck. Oh my heavens, it is so cute!  And, I've been looking for just the right sweater to knit for my daughter's goddaughter.  The only reason I haven't cast on immediately is that I'm torn between using some girly variegated Elliebelly yarn I have on hand or dyeing a solid.  I've got some lovely undyed Shepard's Farm worsted that I could either use in its natural state or dye up in a pretty, soft color.  I can't wait to knit this one!  I think she's going to need a big, tulle ballerina skirt to wear with it.

image from© Melissa Schaschwary

3. Sea Stones.  I really, really love the comfort of Eileen Fisher's clothes, and this long vest/cardigan will be a perfect addition to the pieces I have.  I've got four skeins of the Plucky Knitter's brand new merino/linen blend yarn on the way.  It wants to be a Sea Stones.  I know it does.  I'm going to swatch the minute it gets here.  It's too perfect.  And look at the pockets!  Melissa's clever details are amazing.

Seastonescollage© Melissa Schaschwary

4. Clam Digger.  It has stripes.  It's knit at a dk weight (my favorite).  I've been wanting to find a pattern where I could use my Oryx and Crake colorways together, although I'm concerned the gray and gold may be a little bit too strong in this pattern, which is meant for a little girl.  I've also got some fantastic handspun from my cousin Ann that could be the right main color for this.  Picking out the colors is going to be almost as fun as knitting it.  I love stripes!

image from© Melissa Schaschwary

5. Heathered is going to make the sweetest cardigan for my Mom.  She's hard to find gifts for, but loves hand knit items.  Mom, if you're reading, stop now please.

image from© Melissa Schaschwary

It would be positively amazing in this Blue Sky Alpaca silk blend I happen to have in my stash, but it also looks like it would be divine in Plucky sport weight cashmere.  Decisions, decisions.  In a sport weight, this will be the perfect travel project to carry around with me.

image from

6. The Dandelion Bib. How cute is this?  And such a nice change up from gifting baby sweaters and blankets.  I love to embroider, but rarely do it.  The idea of doing a set of knit and embroidered bibs makes me incredibly happy.

Bib© Melissa Schaschwary

How adorable.  The pattern is cute too.

This pattern looks like a very happy way to spend a lazy weekend day.  It's going to require a soft, but easily washed yarn, so perhaps a cotton or maybe a superwash.  At just 42 yards of yarn, this one is perfect for using up leftovers.  And lucky me, a dear friend is pregnant with her first little girl.

Melissa was nice enough to let me use her patterns and not treat me like a crazy stalker.  Because it's not enough that her patterns are well written and crazy adorable.  She's also incredibly nice.  I'm planning on having a fun time hanging out with her patterns for the next couple of months!

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