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Today's post is about a hat.  A special hat.

IMG_9534© elliebelly: Knit in The Plucky Knitter's Sweater in the Antiqued Colorway

This hat is Faiza/HandSoOn's newest pattern, Pile Ou Face.  It's knit at a DK weight and is a pleasure to wear.  It was fun to knit too!  Here is Faiza's description, "[t]he 3/1 ribbing (the brim) is subtly unusual, punctuated by an eyelets line. A ribbed stripe runs diagonally through the body of the hat, separating stockinette and reverse stockinette and providing a little twist as well as many options for wearing the hat."

I love both the stockinette and reverse stockinette side of the hat, and it was fun to figure out what Faiza was doing early on, as I test knit this hat without a photo to work from.  A few rounds in, I realized she was making a little band of ribbing that would traverse the hat on a diagonal.  Very, very clever.  I haven't seen anything like this, and really appreciate her ingenuity.

Faiza is a French knitter, and this hat was her distraction from the terrorist attacks that took place in her neighborhood late in 2015.  Go grab the pattern today and knit it!  It's the perfect hat for early spring dog walks and hikes.

One thought on “About That Hat

  1. That’s so pretty! Gonna add it to my faves and maybe knit as a Christmas gift..Im thinking my sister would love it. And there you go with Plucky Knitter yarn again. It looks like it knits up really nicely and I have to give it a try soon.

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