An Ode To Stick On Thimbles

Do you ever poke holes in your fingers when you're knitting?  My favorite set of needles are a very, very pointy set of Darn Pretty lace needles.  The points are so sharp you could do surgery with them.  They come in very handy when knitting cables without a cable needle, as the stitches you temporarily drop off and then transfer over slide right onto the lace points without a drop or a split.


I've knit my Glacier sweater using them, but as much as I love them, I was ending up with painful indentations on my index finger.  I'm pretty sure the problem occurred because of the combination of a bulky weight yarn and complex cables over five and nine stitches that reoccur throughout the pattern.  I was really excited when I learned about stick-on, leather thimbles, like the one you see above.  You stick it on your finger and no more pain!  There are a number of different types available, and I tried several different types and liked them all but am particularly fond of the ones pictured above because you can use them over and over and they are so comfortable you forget that they are there. Although I think it's the unusual situation like this where you need them, they were a lifesaver, and I'm going to keep them in my knitters bag of tricks from now on!

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