My Next Project: Big Island Wrapper

Although I'm in the middle of knitting a sweater, I'm planning to cast on a new project sometime this week.  I want a casual shawl for chilly early mornings when I drink tea and read the paper on the back deck and for evening walks at the beach.  And I found this gorgeous pattern.

Pattern pic© Little Church Knits

This is the Big Island Wrapper, a bulky shawl with some mesh bits and enough texture to keep the knitting interesting, while giving the option of combining some fun colors together.  Although it's written for a bulky cotton yarn, I'm going to knit mine in a bulky Blue Faced Leciester, for a bit of extra snuggle factor.  Cheryl/Little Church Knit's patterns are all really cute, and I debated two of her other shawls before deciding on this one, although I'm sure I'll come back to knitting both Marcelle and Diamonds for Lisa. Her sock patterns look awfully interesting as well. But this go round, I've chosen Big Island, and I'm excited about knitting it.

Basket of yarn

First, though, I'm going to have to make some color choices.  I've been doing some experimenting with layers of color on a skein for the last few months, and it just so happens that some of my favorites are on Elliebelly Big Blue, so I'm going to select from among them.  Here are my choices — I'm sad I can only pick three of them for this project, because I'm fond of them all together.


There are a lot of possibilities with these colors.  Since these colors are all experiments none of them have names yet, but I've put them together in groupings to try and help myself make a choice.

Color Choice Collage

To make the choice even more difficult, I've got some variegated skeins that would work in well, including this lovely skein of Madeline Tosh Chunky.

image from

I've been debating the merits of the different possibilities back and forth all weekend.  I want something welcoming and inviting that will be very cozy — they all seem to fit the bill, although in very different ways.  I'm hoping one will emerge as my clear favorite so I can get started by midweek.  I need to mark up the pattern to use with Knit Companion, the program I use with my iPad for managing patterns, and then I'll be ready to start.



2 thoughts on “My Next Project: Big Island Wrapper

  1. What a great blog! Ive just added you to my Feedly list. And thanks so much for using my pattern 😉 I love the idea of using wool…I could easily see one made in wool occupying one of the hooks by the door all through the fall. Happy Knitting!

    1. I loved knitting this pattern and I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on my shawl. You are incredibly nice, making this beautiful pattern available to all of us for free. Thank you!

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