A Sweater & A Great New Tool


I'm incredibly happy to have separated the sleeves for my Mithril sweater.  That were a lot of tiny stitches there for awhile, and I was afraid I was going to run out of room on my needles with all of the increasing!  But just at the moment where I really couldn't fit another round of increases on the needles, it was time to separate!


Linen and silk are genius together in a yarn.  It's slightly rustic — are you knitting in some romantic setting in Ireland?  But it's also a yarn I want to knit a sweatshirt out of to wear over yoga pants.  And I bet I could wear the same sweater for a night out.  I'm slightly obsessed with this yarn at the moment.  It's this.  Elliebelly Chemise.

And just in time, because you can bet all of those stitches did not want to stay on the needles when the sweater went back into my project bag at the end of knitting time, I discovered something called a "Needle Keeper Notions Tube."  Essentially, it's a plastic tube with a solid cap on one end and a cap with a slit on the other.  You can poke your needles down into it and the stitches can't escape.  It's mad genius.  I have no idea why I didn't find something like this earlier and spare myself considerable heartbreak with those projects that slipped off the needles at inopportune times!  No affiliation, but I bought mine here on Etsy.


Problem solved.

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