Big Island Wrapper, Color #3

Big Island Wrapper is a three color, bulky weight, shawl, that I'm knitting in Elliebelly Big Blue.  I've added in the third color, Peacock. 


The patterning in this third part of the shawl is predominately mesh, once past the transitional two color section. (It's important to note if you knit this pattern that although the section is labeled brioche, as written, it's slip stitch color work.  There are directions in several sets of pattern notes for creating a brioche look.)  Although these last few pictures are while the shawl was still on my needles, I enjoyed knitting this so much that I was unable to put it down last night until I finished.


Next up, it's going to need a good strong blocking.  The cast off is a picot edge, and I need to see it blocked out before I decide whether I'm committed to it.  Right now, it's a bit of a mess as you would expect with a bulky picot edge, pre-blocking, but I have high hopes for it.



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