Knit In Progress: Vested Interest

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Now that I’m about three-quarters of the way through knitting Vested Interest, I can tell you it’s the perfect summer knit.

It’s lightweight to carry around and knit, and especially in Linen, something I’ll be able to wear as soon as it’s finished.

It’s easy. You get a pretty, fitted garment, but virtually the entire project is stockinette. If you can knit, purl, and cast on using the back word Knit method for the armholes, you can manage this one easily.

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And finally, it’s something that I will wear a lot. Although I’m often a process knitter, knitting for the pure enjoyment of the technique itself, this piece looks like it could have come off of an Eileen Fisher clothing rack. It is the perfect accent for summer neutrals and the black I more typically wear. As you can see, I’m enjoying trying it on while it’s still on the needles.

My version is knit in Quince and Co.’s Kestrel, a 100% linen tape or chainette style yarn. However, the pattern notes that you could substitute a wool yarn for a winter version. This pattern is versatile enough that I can envision lots of successful variations using a variety of fibers and modifications.

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