The World Of Knitters: Endless Possibilities


Look at that!  My husband may just see a "why is that bag of yarn taking up so much space?" but I see endless possibilities.  That yarn is my true love in the knitting world, Aran weight Blue Faced Leicester, fresh in from Scotland and the most wonderful of yarns.  Because it comes in limited quantities I have to be careful about what I devote it to, and will be planning this batch down to the last skein.

The wonderful thing about being a knitter is that your world is always full of endless possibilities.  And if one project goes poorly, you can always cast on another!

Because I'm down to the last couple of inches of the body on my Mithril sweater, I'm in cast on mode.  I've decided to work on three projects, two shawls, Grannie Annie and Oak Park, both in the Plucky Knitter's Cachet Cashmere, and a color work hat, Vitsippa, as a warm up for the color work sweater I'm planning as my project for the fall.  And probably for the winter and spring too, because it's incredibly complex and clearly beyond my skills as a knitter!

I've got yarn selected for Oak Park and Vitsippa and am ready to wind and swatch this week.  Grannie Annie is going to require some serious color obsessing, which I will undoubtedly share with you.  I think it's one of those projects that depends heavily on color placement for success and since I'm working out of stash, it's going to take some deliberation.  I'm also pulling my Drachenfels out of work-in-progress time out.  I'm not really sure why it ended up there, but I'm looking forward to finishing up and wearing it when the whether turns chilly.  Which a girl can dream about happening, right?

Hope your summer knitting is going well.  If not, create some new possibilities for yourself and enjoy it!

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