Knitters Helping Knitter (Make Sure You Read This)

Today on the Mason-Dixon Knitting Blog, they are sharing the patterns of Emily Ringelman, a Baton Rouge knitter and designer who has lost 90% of her furniture and household belongings in the devastating Louisiana floods.  They also link to Emily's patterns, which are really wonderful and for sale on Ravelry, as a way of helping her start to recover.  I'm going to go buy all of her patterns.  I'm sure I'll knit them at some point.  And for good measure, I'm going to buy a few sets to gift to friends.

The situation in Louisiana is horrific.  We heard that in one small Parish of about 1300 people, more than 1000 had lost everything.  Here's one small opportunity to help one of our own, while larger efforts to help are getting underway. 

Head on over and let's load Emily's paypal up for her today so she can restock on some basics while going through an incredibly tough time.

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