Glamping With Plucky

What kind of person flies cross-country to spend a long weekend with a group of people she has never met at a remote island retreat? Me!


The entire trip was magical, from the first glimpse of Bainbridge Island, Washington, while on the ferry.  The Plucky Knitter knows how to throw a knitting retreat like no one else. 


By mid-morning Thursday, knitters began to show up at Churchmouse Yarns in "downtown" Bainbridge, before heading out to the retreat.  There was a flurry of seeing old friends and making new ones, and perhaps a bit of shopping, although I mostly stuck to adding a few patterns to my collection and buying some new blocking boards — the puzzle piece foam mat type, that interlock.  Then we all headed on out to Islandwood, the site of our retreat and the most beautiful setting imaginable for a weekend of knitting.


I lucked into the most wonderful group of roommates, one of whom made us these incredible project bags with our Ravelry names on them.


One of the highlights of the weekend was the Market, with ALL the Plucky.  Being knitters, we waited patiently in line for it to open. 


Once inside, it was an exuberant madness of yarn, samples, swag and happy knitters.


I fell in love with Jill Zielinski's Two Track Sweater (modeled by Jill!), which I had yarn for at home in stash.  And I also fell in love with other patterns and was forced to buy yarn for them.  That would be me, on the left, with the full shopping bag.


Vini, Vidi, Vici, which, loosely translated, means, I came, I saw, I bought Plucky.  Lots of Plucky.


All of my purchases were carefully wrapped up by Drew from Plucky Headquarters, who kindly suggested packaging them in cellophane to get better compression, so I could fit all of the yarn in my suitcase.  Drew also played trivia on my team Friday night.  We lost, but he was lots of fun. 


I focused on knitting a bit on my Grannie Annie and Sjølingstadkofta.


I was so sad when Sunday morning rolled around and it was time to say good bye.  One last view of Bainbridge Island through the window of the ferry as we departed.


Still to come: I want to share pictures with you of some of the beautiful knitted items I saw and details from Janine/FeralKnitters wonderful fairisle class.  And of course, pictures of my new yarn and what I plan on knitting with it!

3 thoughts on “Glamping With Plucky

  1. Thanks for sharing about your weekend. I had been wondering how it was to go but the threads on the Rav group are overwhelming to me. Beautiful – looks just beautiful. Someday I am gonna be brave and go, even not knowing others there. 🙂

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