Key Covers

Do you:

   A. Have lots of key?

   B. Have lots of keys that look alike?

   C. Come home with your hands full of purse/briefcase/knitting bags and other cr@p you cart around all day and struggle to pull out your house key because it's hard to find in the mix  of all of your other keys with about one-half of a functioning hand that isn't taken up holding all the stuff?

Or, do you just like pretty knit things that take no time but brighten up your life?


Ten minutes, and one small scrap of yarn later, I had this cute little key cover.  Thank to Liat Gat for her easy to follow instructions and free pattern. My project notes are here in case you want to make one (or ten) for yourself.  The yarn is The Plucky Knitter's Bello in Small Batch 014.


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