A Long Suffering Work In Progress

Grannie Annie

This is my Grannie Annie, a relatively simple shawl with garter ridges and feather and fan lace patterning.  It should have been a quick and simple project, but since I cast on for it in late August of last year, I’ve started and finished nine other projects and finished one other outstanding WIP.  Grannie Annie has gotten a little love here and there along the way, but I haven’t worked on it consistently.

Now, it’s my next project in line for finishing.  I’m adding a few pattern repeats to take advantage of the scrumptious Plucky Cachet.  I have about 12 rows left.  At 300+ stitches each, that may take a little doing, but I’m very excited about finishing and wearing this shawl.  Having knit most of the pattern now, I have immense appreciation for it.  It would be lovely knit in a solid color.  Since you can easily add in a repeat or two as well as additional stitches for length, this pattern would be suitable for virtually any weight of yarn.  And, I think a silk version would be amazing.  It’s a very enjoyable knit and a versatile pattern.  I’m so glad it’s almost done!

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