Emmaline — Finished

Early this morning, in a strikingly bad example of IPhone photography, your intrepid blogger announced that she had finished Emmaline. (Actually, Emma was finished on Saturday, ends woven in Sunday, but this has been the first opportunity to photo and perhaps I should have waited for a better one, give the outcome of the picture)


The photo displays neither the best nor the worst features of the finished garment to advantage.  The worst was likely the size choice.  I knit a size medium, but probably should have done a small.  The armholes, and possibly the neckline as well, will require a bit of crochet device for a good fit.  On the plus side, the yarn is cotton, and the pattern calls for a machine wash and partial dry in lieu of blocking.  I am hopeful this process will result in a more desirable fit.

The best feature of this sweater is undoubtedly the simple, but very elegant, yarn over patterning along the yoke.  Although the yarn is bulky, the sweater itself is soft and comfortable and perfect for summer.  I could see reaching for this to go out to dinner after work, to wear to the farmers market, and on and on.  I would, and am actually thinking about, knitting it again.  The soft sea foam green cotton yarn that I'm using for the lace baby blanket I'm in the middle of would be perfect.