Studio Saturday

It's a lazy Saturday here.  We dropped Grandma off at the airport for her trip back home, which is always a sad sort of thing, so we decided to do nothing of any consequence for the entire morning.  We have succeeded admirably.

It's been a studio day.  I set out to do some straightening up, and instead, immediately picked up my first experiment at knitting with silkworm handkerchiefs and decided to knit some more on it, instead of sorting out the room.  It's such a pretty color — if the hankies hold out, I think I'll try to get a scarf out of this piece.


I also stopped to press a scarf I dyed earlier this week.  The fabric is a Wool/Silk blend.  I'm very pleased with it.


I never made it back to cleaning up, because Ollie showed up, wanting to college.


He is always fun to watch because of his fierce concentration, but he seemed happy with his work.


Just about the time he finished, Ellie showed up, wanting to make a card for a friend.


And really, I realized it was absolutely hopeless.  There was no chance of organizing yarn because the basket had been taken over by a very contented Hermione.


I was not about to be the person to disturb her, so we've called it a morning and our contentedly lazing our way into lunch. 

I think we could all use a lazy studio Saturday every once in a while.  I'm very happy to be having one today!