New Knitting Project: Tipperary

I liked my last Norah Gaughan project, this capelet, so much, that I decided to try another.  This one, straight off of her beautiful new website in her Volume 15 pattern book.  It's called Tipperary.


In a mere five more repeats, this small start will grow into a beautiful, full shawl, that I intend to wrap around my neck like a large bulky scarf — there seems to be a lot of that going on in my life this winter, proportionate to the amount of time I'm spending up north this year.

The yarn is my new and continuing favorite, Plucky Snug.  Swoon.

This is in the Steel Cut colorway, and it is still like knitting with butter.  I really adore the merino/alpaca blend with just enough cashmere to make it perfect.  Alpaca sometimes makes me sneezy, but in this blend, I have no trouble with it at all, and none of the hairy halo that I have found annoying in other Alpaca yarns. Five skeins of snug, or roughly 550 yards of this yarn, should do it.

I'm doing something new with this one, and using an app on my IPad called Knit Companion, which makes dealing with patterns a snap.  Although I'm just learning to use it, it lets you blow up those tiny lace (or cable) charts so you can actually see them, and keep your place in the pattern with a row marker.  Some kind Ravelry knitters pointed me towards Knit Companion and I'm really glad I tried it.  You can download a free version and do a couple of tutorials to see if it's something that might work for you.  I'm really glad I found it!