Sunday Randomness

A little bit of random for a Sunday…..

Having spent the morning pulling out the scraggly remains of our 12 year old rosemary border, which runs along our driveway, and then replanting it with incredibly small, new plants, I stopped to enjoy the roses, which are in full bloom.


I'm getting ready to knit my wonderful friend Carina's Faraway-So-Close shawl pattern in yarn hand dyed by Morwenna of Mosaic Moon.  I feel so lucky to have four skeins of this sought after yarn, and am hopeful I have enough to knit a hat to wear as well.

Mosaic moon selah

The reason I'm eyeing a new project is that Emmaline is close to being done.  Fourteen more rows to be exact.  I'm a little bit nervous about how the neck rolls at the top — I see one other Raveler who had to do a fix with a line of crochet around the edge, so I'm contemplating that I may have that same issue.