A Little Bit of Interior Decorating

I haven't blogged much about the conversion of our house from World War III battleground (where small children, dogs, and cats fought for territory) to a decently presentable, comfortable living space since last summer.  But, work has been progressing.  What started as a new floor in the kitchen turned into a kitchen redo, with living room and study updates done to on the ground floor.

We then turned our attention to a much needed basement redo.  This involved removing a whole wall of windows, because the temperature in our "playroom" was about 25 degrees for much of the winter, and absolutely unuseable.  Now replaced with thicker, double glass and with windows repaired, our intrepid decorator, the wonderful Miss Sarah, has begun installing all of her wonderful finds, after turning the walls from a sickly shade of terra cotta to a perfect oyster white.

Basement sneak peak

I am so sorry I didn't take before pictures.  Suffice it to say, it was hideous.  The difference is so incredible that it's as though we added a whole new room to the house.  I'll have to add in more detailed photos when the work is complete, but will leave you with this snap of the cute shelves outside the door to my studio, which is just off of the playroom.  I decided to fill them with yarn and knitting projects in progress, as a little taste of what is inside the door.

Knitting entrance