The Knitted Rug


Kimberly R has finished the rug she made for me, and was nice enough to provide pictures in advance of its arrival.  It looks beautiful.  I'm planning on using it as the perfect splash of color in our playroom, although it has occurred to me that it's so beautiful that I may be forced to redo our bedroom around it.

I sent Kimberly a big box full of Elliebelly yarn, dyed on a bulky superwash Merino base.  In case you missed that post and want to see the yarn, it's located here.  The idea was to put all those different colorways to use — I'm planning on using the leftovers to do scrappy sweaters for Ollie (and Ellie if the leftovers holdout).

This rug has to be one of the most innovative patterns I've ever seen.  Thanks Kim!





A Big Box of Yarn

Last month, one of my favorite online vendors, Necessitate, did an auction to benefit a charity that works with the families of terminally ill infants.  How could you not want to contribute?

I found a listing from KimberlyR for a "Scrappy Rug."  She was offering to knit a big bulky I-Cord spiral rug, using the winning bidder's yarn scraps.  Yarn love.  So I am sending her this.


I know.  It's not exactly scraps.  But I decided it would be fun to have a rug done up in my favorite Elliebelly colorways.  I had some bulky superwash yarn — an American produced yarn that had never been part of Elliebelly (its a sort of superwash cousin to the Talia bulky weight yarn I did), but that I had purchased a large amount of to do some knitting for my kids — and I seemed to have a lot of random skeins.  Perfect!


From L-R, Top to bottom, that's Pallas, Agatha Wants to Win, Moulin Rouge, Nightingale, Farmhouse, and Alphabet Block. (They look different because the yarn hasn't been reskeined after dyeing to mix up the colors.  This is something many dyers, including me, do because it gives a better idea of how the yarn will look knit up).


Marble Angel, Sacajawea, Sunflower, Retro-Kitchen, Pretty Kim, and Sakura.


And finally, Treasure, Peter Rabbit, Guppy Creek, Crayon, Urban Myth, Cleo and Baba Yaga. 

I'm sending Kim 26 skeins in all — there are two each of Urban Myth, Baba Yaga, Cleo, Agatha, Sacajawea, Sunflower and Crayon.  Each of these skeins comes in at 105 grams/3.7 ounces, so there is a lot of yarn goodness in the box.  I thought she would enjoy having a lot to play with.  I'll use her leftovers in scrappy hoodies I'm knitting for the kids.

The box will be on the way to her in the morning.  I can't wait to see the results!