This Week’s Knitting

I always seem to wrap up my knitting for the weekend at some point on Sunday.  This week has been a busy one, and I don't have a lot of progress to report.  But I do have this:


I wove in what seemed like a million ends (I switched skeins every couple of inches on both the body and the sleeves) and Ollie's Crayon Ragman Cardigan is now happily blocking in the first cool fall day we've seen.

In case you can't tell, it's very colorful.


That's Elliebelly's Crayon colorway, and I'm more than pleased with how it knit up for this sweater.

I'm continuing to make progress on my Storm Cloud Shawlette, which I'm calling Mermaid's Tail, since a good friend said that's exactly what it looks like.  It's still an amorphous blob on the emails, but when you gently straighten it out you get some sense of how it will fan out after blocking.  I'm looking forward to wearing this one — it's all mine, baby.


I've acknowledged before that I have a bit of an ADHD tendency as a knitter.  It's really more of a "so many patterns, so little time" syndrome, and as I do tend to finish most of them sooner or later, I don't worry about it much.  So, when I got an email Friday night from Knit Purl with a great looking ribbed scarf knit in Noro yarn, I immediately tossed my stash and started knitting.  I couldn't wait.  I'm knitting it as a K3P3 rib (with three knit stitches on each outer edge) and because of its simplicity, it is my "car knitting" project-I like to have something on hand for carpool lines and traffic jams.


I already know two things about this scarf: (1) I am deathly allergic to mohair, and this yarn has a small mohair content.  It makes me sneeze and make my nose and eyes itch.  I nonetheless like this yarn enough that I will finish this scarf despite all of that.  (2) Two skeins is not enough yarn to knit this scarf as long as I would like, so I am going to have to start hunting a third skein.  If anyone happens to have  Noro Silk Garden in colorway 276, Dye lot A, please give me a shout!



New Works in Progress

I'm down to knitting sleeves on Ellie's Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan and Ollie's Ragman, but, through whatever quirk of knitting adhd I seem to possess in great supply, I've detoured onto two small projects.  I'll get back on the sweaters next week, and finish them in time for the advent of cooler weather.

symmetrical braided gauntlets elliebelly road to china

These cabled gauntlets are a fun, quick knit.  Not overly challenging (unless you are totally incapable of reading and then remembering a simple, well-written pattern as I seem to have been on the first one).  I love these and the yarn, a lovely blend of Alpaca, Silk, Camel and Cashmere.

elliebelly sea wool storm cloud shawlette

This is the start of my Storm Cloud Shawlette.  I love the elongated garter stitch, and although I told myself I couldn't start one more project until I finish the sweaters, I succumbed to the allure of this simple, comforting knit and the pretty colors of the Sea Wool that had been at the top of my list of yarns I wanted to knit with.  When I stretch it out, as though blocked, the colors look like a cloud of rainbows.  It's going to be hard to avoid knitting this one straight through.

elliebelly sea wool storm cloud shawlette