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I want to tell y’all about my day.

My friend Joyce Darby and I volunteered with a group called Art Partners. Local artists volunteer to provide art therapy in the community. I have a child with genetic/heart/immune system defects, so the opportunity to work with kids at The Children’s Hospital of Alabama, where everyone has been so good to us, really appealed to me.

Joyce D. is a really cool artist. She makes the most fabulous wooden horses I’ve ever seen — I can’t even begin to describe them, but suffice it to say her studio has some huge pieces of wood and heavy duty power tools. You can see her work at

The child we worked with was a beautiful little girl with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. We had lots of fun and spent pretty much the entire time laughing. She used color very boldly and told us right off that she wanted to paint flowers and butterflies. So we did.
Here we are getting started (that’s me in the first photo and Joyce D. in the second one).

This is the finished Masterpiece, which will be auctioned off at a special event in honor of the young artists in order to further support Art Partners. Our young artist explained that on the right were the deep dark woods and on the left, was the light, with the sun, flowers and butterflies. And if you look down at the bottom, you will see the tiny people surrounding her signature, who are walking from the light into the dark. We had a really great time.

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6 thoughts on “Art Partners

  1. Joyce you are a saint. To spend your special “you ” day helping and encouraging others really touches me. You have touched them as well, in ways you may never know. What a beautiful soul you are.

  2. You my dear are super woman and I know the kids loved it!!!! will keep an eye out at the local used book store I frequent and see if he has childrens books that he tosses!!! will let ya know if he does!!! you rock girlfriend and I know the kids think so too!!

  3. Happy birthday to one of the most remarkable women I know! It’s going to be another great year for you!

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