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This is the piece I’m going to donate to the preamble party for Birmingham Artwalk.  I’m quite attached to it, having only made it this week and specifically for this purpose.  The Preamble Party is August 10, in the loft district in Birmingham. If you are reading this and you are local, come on down to the party and say hi!  I am nervous as a cat about this whole little deal and it would be great to see a few friendly faces.

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7 thoughts on “Art Girls

  1. This piece is gorgeous!! I’m drooling.
    And where’s the newly spun yarn?? If all my favorite bloggers keep buying wheels I’m going to have to get one myself. lol

  2. Great website! Congrats on your new spinning wheel! Your orange & green yarn is GORGEOUS. I liked seeing the cool stuff you found at my shop on your website. Would you send me your direct e-mail address? I recently got more printing blocks in! – Suzanne

  3. hi Joyce….I was just going through some old blog posts and found your comment on my handspun sockyarn post!
    I’d be happy to talk about the Fricke…if you still have questions, email me and I’ll get back to ya!

  4. What a really lovely piece! I can see how it would be hard to part with it! I find myself wanting to keep everything… Good luck at your Artwalk and party:>

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